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Marketing is a tool to reach out to people and make something accessible to the public. People power is the core when it comes to word of mouth unless an individual is deeply satisfied with either the product or service offered. As a prerequisite, it must go past customer expectations.

Network of people

People these days are more connected than ever, publicity whether good or bad gets out quickly. Word of mouth has gone past personal conversations and phone calls. The digital platform and social media have given a stage to each person, the ability to voice out his views to the world.

 Good service

Customer service is a personal way to connect with the customer when they get great service; they recommend products to people in their network. This is a sure and free form of advertisement that translates a good percentage into business.

 Simple name branding

Catchy and easy to remember names are an added advantage when starting a business. This could prove an important factor in marketing, making your brand name simple and interesting.

 Online presence

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the list goes on, getting your presence felt on the web and social media is not just to build up your reputation. It’s also a great platform to gather feedback and insights on future development.

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