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Businesses that have developed a buyer persona have created a fictitious version of what they consider the perfect customer. They use this character to help understand the main traits members of the business’s target market share and how to attract their attention and encourage them to go on a buying spree when they find the business’s internet based business.

Benefits of a Buyer Persona

There are several reasons businesses find the buyer persona to be useful.

Effective Target Marketing

The time it takes to create the persona will be more than justified when it is time to create a marketing campaign. Business owners will use the sample they have created and decide what social media outlets to use, what keywords would appeal to the fictitious character, and what it takes to motivate them to commit to a purchase. A well developed persona can save businesses thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been spent on unnecessary advertising.

Creates Unity

Understanding exactly who the ideal customer is will be something that improve communication and sales drives throughout the entire business. Every single branch of your business will be able to adapt their methods so that the entire businesses gets turned into a place designed to appeal to the fictitious person. Anyone who ever interacts with a potential buyer will know what to say and how to act in order to increase the odds of a sale.

Leads to Better Product/Service Development

Companies can use the persona they have created to look at the products/services they provide and decide how things can be tweaked to make them even more appealing to members of the target market.

All of these things lead to a substantial increase in revenue.

Creating a Buyer Persona
  • Study data collected by the website, especially what drew the customers that ultimately made a purchase;
  • Explore themes and see which ones members of the target market respond to;
  • Take the most effective keywords and use them to pinpoint which are the most likely to be used by members of your target market and explore why those keywords have the most appeal;
  • Locate the search funnel;
  • Study the competition and examine the buyer persona they have created and what they have done to make their website/product more appealing;
  • Develop a matrix that compares competitive companies and shows how the owner’s company stacks up against the competition.

As businesses grow and changed, its important that they remember their ideal customer will also evolve so every year or so, they should spend some time updating their buyer persona.