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Incorporating video content into your website has become a popular marketing strategy for businesses. People love watching videos and will gladly share the ones they enjoy with their network. There are significant advantages to creating a great video that gathers a high number of views. However, you cannot simply create a great video and then release it into the void. That video needs to be marketed, just like any other part of your company. Here are some video marketing strategies that will help you get the most out of your videos.

Make a video that people want to watch

Even the most brilliant video marketing strategies will be useless if no one likes your video. Focus on information, tone, and length. Is the information in your video best delivered in that medium, or would people get more out of it as a blog post? Is the tone something that your ideal customer would relate to? Is the length appropriate to the type of video you are producing?

Get on YouTube

YouTube is easily the most popular video platform online. It has several benefits that will help your video marketing strategies.

  • Widely accessible: Customers who have the YouTube app on their phone or tablet can already view it easily without any further changes from you. They can also easily share it or embed it on their own site, which will boost your SEO.
  • Effective advertising: Buying paid ads on YouTube can successfully increase your number of views. They have an expert recommendation algorithm that will suggest your video to people who are already potentially interested in your business.

Diversify your content

Having a lot of videos is crucial to all video marketing strategies. Ideally, watching one of your videos will encourage customers to see the rest.

  • Have different lengths: Some videos are meant to be short, especially ones that introduce the brand. Videos that contain more information, like product reviews or tutorials, should be longer. Most video players will display the length of the video so that customers can decide which kind they are looking for.
  • Engage: So many businesses have moved online that customers are beginning to miss the personal interactions they once received from their local shops. Videos are a way to give your business a personality that they can relate to. Offer video tutorials that show customers how to use your products. Interview customers about your business and post videos of their experiences for others to see. Anything that helps people interact with your business is generally good content for a video.

Know your goals

If your goal is not to gain visibility and social traction but to drive more traffic to your site, consider keeping your video off of YouTube for a while. While it is effective in gaining views, it tends to drive traffic to YouTube more than to your own website. There are multiple paid web hosting solutions that will ensure that your video is visible only on your domain. This means that any links to your video will bring people back to your website if they want to view it. You can always upload it to YouTube later if you decide you want more of a response from social media.

Please comment below on which video marketing strategies have worked for you!