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Mr. Vasile Stoica is the newest person to join the individual partnership program by AlertBoot Data Security. This program is designed to benefit small consultants or people passing references, empowering them to participate in a fast-growing hi-tech sector. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that our success is founded on the quality of our partners,” said Tim Maliyil, founder and CEO of AlertBoot. “We welcome new partners who are looking to make a difference.”

“Joining AlertBoot is a strategic step in further supporting SME’s with an affordable and reliable security solution in order to protect their business information. I am delighted to be part of the AlertBoot global network of partners and I hope that more businesses and individuals will access this great technology,” said Mr. Vasile Stoica.

Mr. Vasile Stoica is now equipped to offer an innovative, cost-effective, and cloud-managed data security services for computing devices:

•Full Disk Encryption (FDE) for laptops and desktop computers

•Mobile Device Management (MDM) for smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS)

Unlike traditional providers, the AlertBoot solution allows administrators to control both types of devices from one web-based console. The web-based management portal is accessible from any device with internet connectivity, giving users the ultimate flexibility in security deployment, installation, and management for computing devices.

The integrated reports consolidate all data, allowing a bird’s eye view of an organization’s security status, and the ability to customize them further security awareness.

New customers of Mr. Vasile Stoica can receive a 10% discount from the original AlertBoot FDE and MDM price by using the coupon code VST10 or follow this link to subscribe (Valid until 30 NOV 2013): http://ow.ly/pDtez.