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Proper planning is crucial to business success. Accomplishing business goals without a decisive plan is impossible. With an online market evolving at a breakneck pace, it is necessary to make use of the complete set of tools available online for marketing success.

A simple and effective way for marketers to succeed online is adhering to the protocols of Google. With more than 98% of people around the world favoring this search engine, marketing the products and services through this popular search platform will reward marketers.

Even Google loves to help the marketers promote the products and services.

The sections below; let’s discuss some of the popular Google tools and their benefits to marketers for improving the efficiency, sales and customer base.

The two most popular tools offered by Google to marketers to upsurge the marketing needs are Planning and Media tools.

Planning tool:

Planning is imperative for any business and with this specialized tool, it is extremely easy to devise effective marketing ideas.

1. Google Trends:

A key point propelling the success of any business is researching the customer behavior and devising a definitive strategy based on that. With Google Trends tool, it is easy and effective.

Top benefits:
  • Provides results about people searching for a brand
  • Notifies when searches peak
  • Offers competitor information
  • Help with complete customer search behavior in graphical format
  • Simple and easy-to-use

2. YouTube Dashboard

YouTube needs no introduction and it is a widely celebrated video sharing platform across the world. Making use of this tool will improve the chances of profits as a perfectly planned and released video content goes viral in no time.

Top benefits:
  • Easy to use;
  • Packed with millions of users around the world;
  • Helps track, view and share unlimited video content;
  • Allows comparing videos based on age, gender, and place;
  • Provides with information on user interests and their demographic.

Media Tools:

Now, promoting the business prospects through online news channels is simple. With Google Media tools, it is easy to supercharge exposure on television, radio, print, and online.

1. Engage:

Be it a business of any size, customer engagement is mandatory. With Google+ tool, it is easy to organize, report, and analyze any kinds of news in unique ways.

Top benefits:
  • Unifies the presence of Google products;
  • Allows to display images and photo galleries;
  • Helps with discussing key issues;
  • Broadens exposure and coverage for global communication.

2. Visualize:

Comparing data through visual formats is often effective. With Google Charts tool, it is easy and elegant to display data.

Top benefits:
  • Interactive and easy to embed to websites;
  • Allows creating different types of charts;
  • Multiple ready-to-use charts;
  • Widely preferred by customers.

Improve marketing strategies with the high-quality Google tools mentioned above to guarantee success online.