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SEO services are based on optimizing the website based on its content and format. Following are the top 10 miscalculations that even the most experienced and best SEO Company may enter into:

1. Erroneous Keywords: It needs focused research. For example, if you have a beauty advice website and you are using “beauty tips” as the keyword, it might just not work as profitable as “dark spot removal tips”. So, make use of organic SEO services to dig out the most profitable keyword for you.

2. Overlooking Title Tag: Never leave the title tag blank. It is the most prominent place to link a keyword, as text in the title tag would appear as page title in search results.

3. Flash Website with no HTML Alternative: Flash websites may appear alluring to users but not to search engines. If you want search engines to love your flash site provide it an HTML alternative to get indexed notably.

4. JavaScript Menus: Never leave Javascript menus without sitemaps or non-scripted tag links as search engines cannot read scripts.

5. Ignorance to Maintain: SEO is a consistent effort. Never be sporadic in your SEO attempts. Keep it a regular process for optimum results.

6. Too Much Attention to Meta Tags: Do not overemphasize Meta tags. Although, they are an important factor but certainly not the only ones. You cannot hoard huge traffic only on Meta tags.

7. Heading Images: Images for menus and headings are a big SEO mistake. You can instead consider modifying them to style sheet if h1, h2 looks too dreary.

8. Neglecting URLs: Never neglect the URL to be keyword-less. Keyword-based URL is very important for Yahoo and MSN and even Google would rank it high.

9. Backlink Spamming: Instead of the number of backlinks, focus on quality backlinks to protect your site from getting banned.

10. Keyword Deficient Content: Do not overstuff keywords in content but use them sensibly in bold.