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Connectivity issues are a constant source of frustration for business owners. Poor connectivity means business websites don’t load fast enough to make consumers happy, which prompts the consumer to turn to another business. Methods business owners employee in order to get a faster page loading speed and smoother connectivity and faster loading pages include resizing and compressing images changing server providers and decreasing the amount of content found on each page. KeyCDN is another tool that can ease the frustration.

It’s Purpose

KeyCDN Tools was designed for the purposes of providing users with a stress-free method of both diagnosing the exact nature of a connectivity problem while also helping run a website analysis.


Image Credit: KeyCDN

The biggest benefit users will experience from KeyCDN Tools is the ability to run several different online checks at the same time. These online tests include:

  • Website speed check;
  • SSL FREAK attack tester;
  • Geolocation check;
  • HTTP header check.

The biggest benefit businesses will gain from KeyCDN Tools is the ability to make sure their web pages are loading as quickly as the customer’s bandwidth allows. The faster, more reliable loading speed not only decreases the amount of frustration a customer directs towards the slow leading web page but also decreases the negative impact that the slow loading speed has on the business’s search engine ranking.

Check Webpage Speed


Image Credit: KeyCDN

The website speed test allows the user to determine the exact reason a website loads slowly or has other performance issues that make it difficult to use. The program was designed for the user to select from 14 different locations when running the speed test. Once the test has been completed, a breakdown of the results will be provided to the user can correct the speed inhibiting problem and take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Keep Data Safe with SSL Freak Attack Tester

The Freak Attack Tester identifies when someone attacks a business’s HTTP connections. Once the HTTP has been intercepted, the individuals behind the attack use the connection to force both sides to use ‘export-grade’ cryptography which the hackers later decrypt or change.

Geo Location Check Tests the Website World Wide

Just because a website works in one part of the world doesn’t mean it will in another part. The Geolocation check tests are set up in such a way that business owns are finally able to gain the geographical insight needed to update the location database with accurate information on a regular basis.

KeyCDN Tools makes doing business via a website easier and more reliable.