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#WeAreDevs Conference

VIENNA May 11 – 12

This year I had the opportunity to participate at #WeAreDevs Conference as a winner of MindMeister’s free ticket contest.

I was very interested to discover new technologies for business purposes and to meet with the MindMeister team, with whom I’ve been cooperating for 3 years now, as a MindMeister Ambassador.

The 2017 conference was held at Marx Halle, where it featured 2 days of workshops and exhibitions, covering the latest insights in web and software development.

The challenging issues that were raised in the workshops, as well as the opportunity to be able to collaborate in the workshops with other participants, made this a motivational meeting. I was able to debate and exchange opinions on an interesting topic – a disruptive technology that can help humanity to reduce consumption, together – with a journalist and another SaaS professional.

The workshop I liked the most was „Startup pitching”, where innovative ideas were shared, alongside how each could be planned in terms of marketability. Even though there were many daring ideas, as a personal observation, I noticed that investors were interested in those that address a specific challenge and demonstrate high potential for growth in their market segment.

The conference app was also very helpful in interacting and connecting with other participants and enabling us to select the workshops in which we’d like to participate.

The exhibitions were organized by zones, e–Mobility, Mixed Reality, Robotics, which increased the interest of participants to interact with the demonstrations, for example on how to use virtual reality to attract talent in IT or to test their capabilities with different applications, especially for software developers. A cool relaxing area, the Networking Zone, was the place to meet new people.

Overall, I enjoyed the exchange of information and experience on the latest technology trends, while meeting with participants from different business backgrounds, not only IT. It was an opportunity to connect and refresh my technological knowledge. At #WeAreDevs, everyone who is interested in IT career development will find many opportunities promoted by recruiters or directly by companies. As funding opportunities for innovative start-ups in technology are presented, it’s also a good place to become visible.

To sum up, I can say that the conference in Vienna provided a good insight into the technology world. Highlights to remember: having a lot of fun (food area, playing, the Networking Zone), the conference app, interactive workshops and the technology zones of the exhibition.

As future challenges to be tackled: to find a better balance between the quantity and quality of simultaneous presentations, and the people involved. The Stages were very crowded, meaning it was difficult to find a place at many of the presentations.

To conclude, this was the second time I was visiting Vienna and I was surprised by how much the city has transformed, becoming a technology hub that attracts a workforce from all over the world. #WeAreDevs Conference was the right place to capture the technology insights driving this change.