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This is a highly debated topic and it came into an important culmination when an ex-Google employee Matt Cutts told how social media does not affect Google rankings. Before we get deep into the discussion, let us clarify a few concepts.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a complicated process. This process is aimed at ranking or optimizing a particular content higher than others when searched for through certain keywords. So as a user, one would select keywords crucial to their query. The search engine will deliver content in ranking order. The ranks are determined by how the pages or content successfully perform their SEO.

What is the social score?

A person or a content producer’s social presence determines their score it means how much visibility and followers these channels have. Typically, influencers are used by corporations to promote their brands due to their high social score.

Now without going into any more definitions, let us look at the significance of the social score in SEO.

Social and SEO – The real importance

1. It may or may not affect the page ranking – The social popularity may not directly apply for a page ranking, but as Cutts had said, Facebook and Twitter are treated like other pages. If there is popular content, it will get displayed in the search engine result. Thus social media may not have a direct or special place in page ranking but it certainly should be considered when figuring out the SEO. The reason for its being, social media is incredibly popular platforms. So when SEO experts are hired taking into account the social score of a page might help a great deal. The focus should be made to have visibility on social platforms to generate desirable traffic and result in future conversions.

Social media may not have a specific presence in Google’s algorithm to determine the authenticity or popularity of a page but it does increase visibility. The sheer number factor would surely impact Google’s indexing. Google did not take a stand on the role of social media but SEO experts, surveyors do believe it is a good source and should be tapped in. Even the indirect effect that social score can have is phenomenal, that is what numerous case studies have inferred. Linking the two directly might not be a good idea but it certainly does help. Most SEO experts do not ignore social score for the simple factor of helping them with organic backlinks which helps them get the desired result. In the world of backlinks, this can have a huge impact.

2. Social media can be found on search engines – Though the social share score may not affect as much as a marketer would like to believe that does not mean the social profile also does not impact. Many researchers were amazed to find that the social profiles ranked pretty high on page ranking. This makes the point clear that SEO should be done keeping in mind the social presence of the brand concerned. Many marketers rightly believe that optimizing according to social handles can garner them some good results. For many small business owners, it has been a very effective way. For even giant corporations it is the best way to maintain their brand image and fortify their numbers of brand loyalists.

Another aspect that favors social score is the multiplicity of the social handles available to explore. All handles together can affect SEO and lead to a constructive page building for higher ranking. Keyword optimization is no wonder done keeping these factors in mind. As a brand, it helps a lot as the end-users, unaware of the SEO or Google algorithm are most likely to go for social media handles as they trust them more. A social profile makes the user believe in the authenticity and approachability of the brand. Many users prefer brands with active and respondent Twitter account as a way of customer interaction. SEO does get affected by this kind of usages and is significant for page ranking.

3. Social media works as search engines as well – If as a user you are looking for a piece of information, then you are most likely to not just do a regular look up on the search engine but also on your most preferred social media platform. From this, you can easily decipher how important a search engine is to social media in themselves. Recently SEO experts have taken into consideration how social media can impact a business and help achieve its growth. So no wonder SEO is steered to cater to social media findings. It helps companies get loyal followers instantly. If your company’s content is nowhere to be found in social media, then you may not get the desired visibility. Your customers will not even trust you. Social media along with SEO can be beautifully used to make content more visible and within the reach of the target audience. It can instantly help create a niche market that may otherwise take years to build.

Having a good social media presence will only work to advantage. Using a suitable SEO to make the best impression will help a business develop and grow. It is more sustainable and many marketers and digital experts are predicting the power of social media as the latest search engine, hence the optimization of pages should be catered to them as well.

4. Future scope – Google has been very mysterious about how it treats social media for ranking their pages. Digital marketers believe that Google has left and created a huge future scope for exploring the world of social media to enhance their search engine in the recent future. This prediction can not be rejected as the trend seems to suggest that. It has been noted that social media as of now plays a significant role when page rankings are done in terms of authority and value they hold. If these two are the current factors affecting the present scenario, it can be reliably stated there will be more reasons to make social media accounts in the future. Page rankings are getting complicated as there seems to be a flood of content on the internet. This has prompted many SEO experts to take social media into account to establish veracity. The way is getting paved for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to directly affect Google-like search engines to make an impact and enhance the prospect for business owners.

Marketers, advertisers are dedicating huge budgets for upscaling social media presence. The SEO experts charged to make the best optimization are more and more likely to tap this resource utilization and then Google will have to take a direct account of the social media presence. So a dedicated SEO strategy for the social score can only be beneficial in the long run to the companies. Most content creators have taken into it account t and are designing their plan keeping it in mind.

5. Bing’s love for social – Bing the other search engine is pretty clear about how they see the social score. In fact, in their webmaster guidelines, they acknowledge how they use social media in the ranking. They also mention the scope social media has in the future for better optimization. With the growing popularity of Bing, SEO experts consider the social score when optimizing for Bing specifically.

It is safe to say that Bing does not falter from its view, unlike Google on the relation between page ranking and Social score. Making Bing a more dependable channel for marketers when they specifically want to channel social score into improving page optimization. Bing even has predicted how this relation s to grow and would impact the rankings of the future. This clarity has helped marketers develop specific strategies that bind social media and Bing. However, not so surprisingly, these strategies have worked equally if not better with Google as well.

This does raise some questions about Google’s claim on how they account for social media in rakings. But any smart marketer knows how to learn and adapt to making profitable ventures by using social score and search engine.

SEO is a complicated process. Many factors are considered while enhancing a page’s ranking. A good marketer knows that excluding social handles will not have any positive impact. Thus, they create their optimization strategy keeping the social score in mind. So far it has worked well. Though it is not the ultimate factor for SEO, it still is one factor to be considered for many.

Cracking the Google algorithm is more than impossible. But rejecting the idea that social score does impact SEO should not be discounted. Maybe the relation is not direct yet, but in the future, there is a huge scope for it. As for marketers, using high social scores can only work to their advantage when done properly. The best way to connect is no doubt by networking. So concentrating on increasing visibility through the social score and utilizing SEO to achieve it is perhaps the best decision for any marketer and ultimately will be profitable to the business.

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