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Although the internet is global in its nature, if you have a local business then promoting it globally would simply be a waste of resources. Ponder on organic SEO services for promoting your local business, locally. You may come across SEO companies who may offer globalized SEO services but you need to focus on local requirements.

Here are some ways you can determine local values:

Location in a keyword, Meta tags, and body: Text body, Meta tags, and keywords matter the most to make your website visible and accessible. So, if you have a business of travel insurance in Canada, your most appropriate keyword should be “Travel insurance Canada” as it comprises of your profession or business and locality. A similar set of words need to be used in Meta tags and text body as well to optimize your site targeted towards capturing the local market.

Local search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the key search engines that the best SEO Company would suggest you for globalized promotion but in case of planning a profitable online promotion for local businesses, local search engines such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local may be the real gold mine. Prefer SEO service provider who can proffer you with affordable SEO packages for listing your site on local search results.

Local directories: Exactly like local search engines, local business directories like yellow pages are the first resource to be checked by most of the people scouting for local services. Do not miss it.

Social media: Social media network allow you to reach local communities in easy but impactful comportment. Social media can take you right at your local customer’s domicile!

Individual pages for different locations: If you have a business catering to more than one location, it could be a little tricky to manage as you cannot have a keyword like “Travel insurance Canada, London, and Paris” but what you can possibly do is to have individual pages for every location you serve, with personalized details in local language with apposite keywords.