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One of the common issues professional publishers and bloggers have to deal with is the dilemma on how to successfully monetize their websites and blogs. Right now, there are scores of ad networks available that offer the golden box at the rainbow’s end. RevResponse is one such affiliate network.

Well, what is RevResponse in the first place?

It is a unique ad network that pays you for generating leads through your blog, website, forums, mailing lists and newsletters as well. RevResponse provides a unique platform to earn from affiliate marketing for B2B publishers and facilitator based on performance. You can refer a visitor to sign up for informative and valuable ebooks, white papers, or even magazines they provide and in return, RevResponse offers commission on qualified subscriptions.

The company is well established since 1998 and is quite popular in the marketing industry, as it always comes up consistently with innovative ways to help promote offers. No wonder, they work with the biggest advertisers globally (like Microsoft, IBM, among others just to name a few) and have selection criteria just to make sure its a quality network overall.

How much do they pay?

RevResponse pays you for qualified leads (as long as they meet certain requirements) anywhere between $1.5 to $20 for every lead. And they make payments through PayPal when you reach the minimum payout level.

What are the best benefits for a professional blogger or web publisher to partner with RevResponse when compared to other linking networks?

What clearly sets RevResponse apart from a plethora of other linking networks is that they charge web publishers and bloggers to offer something away for free in form of weekly magazines, PDF guides and more. This free content is of real value for the readers and thus it provides a unique way of generating revenue. As a blogger, when you join RR, you get access to a huge library of free ebooks, downloads, and magazines related to the business and technology world. You can market these offers to your audience through your blogs, newsletters etc.

So RevResponse pays bloggers and publishers to offer free content that’s actually of relevant and genuine value to their audience, unlike other ad networks that display links of irrelevant interest to your readers.

Are there no redirections and intrusive pop-ups?

As a blogger and publisher, you don’t have to worry about the loathed java hover ad pop-ups. You don’t have to worry about your visitor getting bombarded with pop-up ads that completely annihilates the smooth user experience. Instead, it works as a co-branded site integration or content resource center as every partner that signs up for RevResponse are given a partner URL, which you can personalize to suit your site UI. This way, your audience will stay on your site while accessing the free offers. In the end, it is a double win situation for you and your users.

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