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Did you know around 98 million US citizens are listening to podcasts annually, with more than 50 million individuals listening to them on a monthly basis? Yes, the present podcasting explosion has been foretold as the ideal age of podcasts.

Podcasting involves a comprehensive amount of research, planning, technical skills, and engaging your target audience. Today, for many businesses, podcasting has become a compelling opportunity to interact with their clientele, become noticeable among the competitors.

According to the recent Edison research report, “only 3% of marketers are currently using podcasting for marketing purposes, around 32% actively wish to learn how to use it, and 23% intend to escalate their podcasting efforts.”

The significance of adding podcasting as an effective marketing strategy for your business can be proved by the following fact.

MailChimp became a popular brand name overnight by simply running a 20-second ad at the start of every episode of the famous podcast, Serial.

So, here we have listed a few top reasons to consider podcasting as a content marketing channel.

  • Podcast such as audio content can help you implement a more subtle approach and can become an intrinsic element of the content itself.
  • Unlike blogs and videos, podcasts can be conveniently accessed on the go.
  • An audio podcast is the best way to renovate your marketing approach.
  • No matter what type of audio software you use, the whole process of creating and editing podcast is simpler and very swift.
  • Podcasts reflect your company’s individuality and fundamental values.
  • When published on the most famous platforms such as iTunes, Stitcher and more, your brand receives the organic publicity that helps in snowballing its reach and growing its audience.

Implementing podcasts to your content marketing strategy increases projections and results in massive business marketing development.