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20 05, 2014

Tips for Building Your Local Search Results

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It is becoming increasingly popular to support local businesses rather than large corporations, especially with people who crave the intimacy and customer support that small businesses provide. Most small businesses, even ones meant to be multi-regional or national, will find that a significant portion of their customers comes from their own front yard. Here are some [...]

21 07, 2014

7 Important Facts That You Should Know About LiquidPlanner

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LiquidPlanner is no ordinary business tool, but an effective and intuitive system that goes beyond the conventional basics to help you with project management. Whether you are part of a marketing development or IT team, this helps create schedules according to your estimates, where every project manager needs to be accountable for every day. [...]

17 05, 2014

Essential Video Marketing Strategies

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Incorporating video content into your website has become a popular marketing strategy for businesses. People love watching videos and will gladly share the ones they enjoy with their network. There are significant advantages to creating a great video that gathers a high number of views. However, you cannot simply create a great video and then release [...]

21 07, 2014

What I Wish Everyone Knew About RevResponse Affiliate Program

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One of the common issues professional publishers and bloggers have to deal with is the dilemma on how to successfully monetize their websites and blogs. Right now, there are scores of ad networks available that offer the golden box at the rainbow's end. RevResponse is one such affiliate network. Well, what is RevResponse in the first [...]

13 05, 2014

How does keyword research affect your SEO?

By |2016-09-10T13:32:59+00:00May 13th, 2014|Categories: Marketing|Tags: , , |0 Comments

The Role of keyword Research: Keywords are essentially the root of all online traffic. An efficient keyword research can greatly affect a business, as it plays a pivotal role in the SEO marketing strategy. Keywords are, of course, the key to unlocking the big potential of acquiring new leads and target traffic. It effectively reinforces online [...]

7 05, 2014

Taking Care of Your Brand Value

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As a business owner, it is important to be prepared to monetize every component of your business. Brand value has a significant importance in the market value of a company. For many companies, brand-related assets have a direct impact on sales. Even some of the brand's worth thousands or millions of dollars, these are rarely noticed as a [...]

2 05, 2014

7 Ways to Beat Procrastination

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In a recent poll of over 350 private tutors, procrastination topped the list as the number one habit to avoid this semester...and every semester. Considering all the online and offline distractions available today, there is no question that students are having a harder time prioritizing tasks and tackling responsibilities head-on. In addition to the typical [...]

23 04, 2014

Why is Content Marketing the Future of Effective Marketing?

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The exorbitant amount of content introduced over the internet every minute. With such huge content, it is easy to say that “Every person over the internet is a content marketer and every single organization is now a publisher”; though it sounds right it is absolutely wrong! The internet is awash with both types of contents – [...]