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 “Everything is fair in love and war”

But, unfortunately, the fight for top positions in search engines is neither a form of “love” nor it is outlined as “war”. When it comes to SEO services, there are well-defined ways to promote a site. Over optimizing of your site to become cherries on the cake may be rebound as strict penalties even to get banned permanently by major search engines like Google.

What is over optimization?

Over optimization can occur intentionally or accidentally even by the best SEO company to get your website visible with unethical ways of online promotion. When SEO Company traverses the precincts of optimizing a site in order to attain a high ranking for their clients, it is called as over optimization.

In recent times, there have been many updates from Google such as penguin and panda that have redefined the limits of optimization. In order to achieve high ranks, adherence to these guidelines and organic SEO services are most essential.

Common forms of over optimization:

Keyword stuffing: Repeated usage of keyword hinders the natural surge of the content.

Over-emphasizing text: Modifying the text format in italics or bold repeatedly.

Inbound links: Purchasing bulk inbound links or exchange of links from low standard sources.

Backlinks: Receiving backlinks through comments with same anchor text on other forums and blogs.

Such unethical promotional activities may result in the short term advantage of high traffic but eventually, the search engine may flag your site red for over optimization.

The Final word

Search engines, especially Google is the biggest source of organic traffic, therefore, do not risk your website’s repute in the hands of SEO company who may be suspiciously talented of over-optimizing. Check your site frequently to ensure it complies with the latest search engine guidelines.


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