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When you are reviewing your business activities to cover the next stages, it’s important to be clear on how you will allocate your resources to achieve expected results. Whether you travel or you are in an office, you can use the technology of the information organization software, also known as mind mapping. At MindMeister, you can join to an online collaborative mind mapping.


A company can find multiple occasions to use MindMeister to make more efficient and attractive the way they work.

Here are some examples:

project business plans, forecasts;

create learning structures to improve your employee’s professional development;

create plans for projects and manage tasks and budgets through integration in your Outlook/iCalendar with e-mail reminders;

visualize the map of your company business processes and identify gaps in communication or tasks redundancy;

account mapping in sales;

share maps created with your clients and suppliers, add documents to important milestones agreed;

centralize minutes of meetings or prepare and distribute agenda.


The fact that your company can benefit from such a tool is good, but also other positive aspects should be taken into consideration:

security: MindMeister implemented the highest security standards & data encryption related the network, the user, and the application.

mobility: MindMeister is accessible on iPhone, iPad, Android.

offline mode: You can create mind maps without an internet connection.

devices & browsers: All web browsers and both Android or iOS devices are supported. There is no installation or plugins required.

connection with the future: Definitely you heard about Google Glass, so is good to know that MindMeister is working to integrate the Geistesblitz feature into Google’s wearable computer Google Glass.


If you decide to go further and subscribe for a pricing plan for your business, these are flexible and affordable. Free Trial is also available.

Another perspective on your business activities can be developed and visualized once you realized that MindMeister can help you along the process.