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Since its creation, more than 7.0 million people worldwide have turned to the MindMeister app for help with collaboration projects. Based on the app’s success and data collected by people who use it, the same creative team came up with another project. This one is called MeisterTask, a program designed to resolve problems teams ran into while using the other app, primarily the issue with workflow interruption following the initial brainstorming process that MindMeister added with.

How MeisterTask Works

The hope is that MeisterTask will prevent brilliant ideas from getting lost as team members delve into the nitty-gritty of making their ideas a reality. The new app makes it possible to take an idea and turn it into action.

MeisterTask Is a Tool for Collaborative Teams


The newest app is designed to connect seamlessly with the MindMeister app, allowing teams to easily incorporate the new system into their project without missing a beat. The combination of the two apps allows the team to work together and create outlines, record data that pertains to the project, and question each other about what aspects of the project each person is involved with. Both apps can be used anywhere in the world and by large groups of people at the same time. The layout increases team efficiency while decreasing stress.

Project Boards

The features users are most excited about is the project boards which are designed to do a variety of different tasks, including:

  •  Planning and running sprints
  •  Creating elaborate to-do lists
  •  Manage the Kanban Tool
  •  And more!

All of these boards are extremely useful during both the brainstorming process and when it’s time to transition from brainstorming to turning the project into reality. The combination of the two apps makes it easy to go from the early creative stages of a project all the way through the final product.

To date, no other application has been designed that allows teams to work more efficiently together than the MeisterTask and MindMeister apps. Not only do they have the tools needed to allows different people who live all over the world to work together, but they also enhance businesses who have employees who prefer to work out of their own home, or who work with large groups of freelancers.

There’s no limit to the number of different industries and businesses that will benefit from the innovative apps. Authors can use them to create anthologies and book collaborations, businesses can use the apps to help launch new products, and they can even be used to help different departments work together.