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With 97% of the top 100 brands having a Facebook page for their business, merely having one has long stopped being a must. The everlasting question is how to effectively build and retain the customers and become a healthy functioning part of that huge social media pie. Reaching your customers is one thing but after that must come engagement and making the right choice of engaging them is critical.

Reasons why your brand needs Facebook

If there is still someone out there who needs answers to this question, here goes:

  • Drive more traffic to your website and boost sales
  • Increase exposure to potential customers
  • Engage them in various sweepstakes and contests
  • Build brand loyalty

The good news is – you can easily master all of these with a little creativity and a sound plan.

Drive traffic to your website

Posting links to your website are one of the essential Facebook content strategies. You can use coupons on your Facebook page and link them to your webshop while taking advantage of your social presence. Feel free to ask your fans for something in return, like an email address, so you can gather some valuable leads and expand your customer database.

Making the most of your FB page for your brand and business

Acquire new fans

If your business is more on the visual side, you can take advantage of various photo competition enabling applications and invite your fans to show off their creative side. Ask your fans to post a photo of them interacting with your business/product and then let either you or your Facebook community vote for the best entry. You can also make this applicable to various holidays by organizing themed quizzes and games on your page.

Engage your fans by running a contest

Hosting a contest is one of the best ways to engage with your existing fans, as well as to get new ones to like your page and hop on board. And there is no shortage of ideas for running them either. Try a voting contest and allow your fans to vote for their favorite photos of your product. Offer a discount and get some feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Making the most of your FB page for your brand and business

Build brand loyalty

This one is important: show that you care and show it often. You might want to especially have this in mind if you are in the finance or health sector where trust is invaluable. Using an easy to find contact section on your Facebook page, ask your fans if there is something you are missing or something you are doing exceptionally right and encourage them to write it down. You might use this when testing new services and products as well.

So start thinking out of the box today and transform those fans into loyal customers while attracting new ones. And don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!

What about you?

Do you use applications for your business Facebook page?

Look forward to reading your feedback and insights in the comments below.

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