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These days, businesses can’t afford to ignore social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become platforms that allow business owners to connect and interact with their target market in a way that’s never before been possible. HootSuite makes each effort to use social media more effective, both for reaching a higher number of potential customers and increasing sales.


Many business owners have come to understand the importance of connecting with their target market via social marketing platforms, but they fail to consider how they can use their employees to extend their social media reach. The Amplify feature is designed to help a business’s workforce share content approved by the corporation with their own friends, family, and followers, increasing the businesses visibility. As a part of the Amplify program, employees use an intuitive mobile app.

The different ways businesses benefit from Amplify include:

Increased employee engagement and interest;

The ability to measure results based on how specific posts perform;

Better time management;

Quicker share times which leads to higher adoption and increased visibility;

The ability to promote specific marketing campaigns.


HootSuite Amplify is an employee advocacy solution that makes it easy for your workforce to share approved social content with their friends and followers, extending your social reach.

Social Selling Solution

It doesn’t matter if a company has remained focused on local sales or does business on an international basis, they will benefit from the Social Selling Solution. The program is designed to assist businesses to connect with and engage the ideal members of their target market at exactly the right time to trigger a marked increase in sales. Using this program allows the sales team to start and close deals faster than ever before.

Benefits businesses of all sizes enjoy while utilizing the Social Selling Solution include:

Quickly pinpointing receptive leads;

Shorter sales cycles;

A marked increase in customer satisfaction, leading to more repeat business.

Social Selling

Want to surpass your quotas and empower your sales team? Social selling with Hootsuite can turn your prospects into repeat customers.


One of the more innovative things that HootSuite has created to lead to a sudden increase in sales is HootSuite Campaigns. HootSuite has created a wide assortment of campaign features that businesses use to not only generate social media buzz but which also lead to a sharp incline in sales. After a business manager has provided basic information, the campaigns feature does most of the work.

Successful campaigns include:

Caption contest;

Video contest;

Picture contest;

Icon polls;

Icon photo contest;

And more.


HootSuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter, Instagram & More HootSuite Media Inc. VIEW Campaigns Build your brand with user-generated content Engage and grow your audience With customize form fields, learn who your fans are and collect the information that matters most to you.

Campaigns can be created in just a few minutes and generate instant results! These are just three ways that HootSuite helps businesses get the most out of their social media accounts. Check out HootSuite to find out why so many business owners consider it a vital part of their marketing program.