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When it comes to improving their professional situation, salespeople can’t afford to not take advantage of every resource at their disposal. One such resource insides sales associates find highly effective is AA-ISP Inside Sales Career Center, a program devoted to helping sales associates connect with businesses that are in need to find top quality sales talent. The AA-ISP now has more than 10,000 members and 63 different chapters.

Inside Sales Professionals, American Association of – Inside Sales Career Center

As members of AA-ISP, inside sales professionals, are part of the only organization in the world that’s devoted entirely to making sure its members are connected together with outstanding inside sales positions. Members enjoy a seemingly endless list of benefits.

Training Opportunities

The AA-ISP constantly works to create training opportunities that members are encouraged to take advantage of. These opportunities generally take the form of conferences, webinars, chapter meetings, white papers and even workshops. Members who sign up for the training opportunities learn a variety of skills including better sales pitches, tips for moving upwards in the company, management training, how technology can help in their job. Many of the training opportunities double as networking opportunities.

Sense of Community

One of the many things inside sales professionals enjoy about their membership to the AA-ISP is the sense of community. [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The group is very close-knit, making it possible for like-minded people to connect and share stories, tips, and even job opportunities.[/inlinetweet] It’s not odd for inside sales rep, to use their membership to form long and lasting friendships.

Mentor Program

One of the fantastic creations the AA-ISP has come up with is the Mentor Program. Members who have chosen to take part provides younger, less experienced members with personalized advice that covers a variety of topics, including:

Career advice;


Goal Creation;

Sales techniques.

Inside Sales Professionals, American Association of – Mentor Program

The AA-ISP Mentor Program connects salespeople with inside sales leaders with a range of experiences and backgrounds. It’s a unique program that it’s used by Inside Sales Professionals who have gone on to have extremely successful sales careers at high-profile companies.

Job Postings

In addition to helping members develop the skills needed to advance as top salespeople, the AA-ISP has a job board that’s frequently updated. The jobs posted on this board are legitimate and the employers who post them enjoy working with members of the AA-ISP because they know they’re outstanding inside sales people.

Additional benefits members enjoy include:

Global Chapter Program;

Knowledge Center;

Global Conferences;

Ask an Expert;


The AA-ISP is a valuable inside sales resource for those who are keen in furthering their sales career, as well as to businesses interested in creating a top-notch sales department.