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LiquidPlanner is no ordinary business tool, but an effective and intuitive system that goes beyond the conventional basics to help you with project management. Whether you are part of a marketing development or IT team, this helps create schedules according to your estimates, where every project manager needs to be accountable for every day.

Why opt for LiquidPlanner?

You can find scores of project management software available readily on the market, but none of them provide the innovative scheduling methods that this one does. It is ideal for those who are looking for effective scheduling features, yet simple to use and access. It is best suitable for small and medium businesses and startups. If your projects are time critical and need better scheduling and collaboration, then this is the tool you can bet on!

Here are the Pros:

  • Effective Project management and scheduling.
  • Customized dashboards.
  • Proactive time track system.
  • Well, integrated commenting features.
  • Better Documentation and balancing of available resources.

1. Unique and Powerful: Unlike most software available in the market, which is flexible, LiquidPlanner is quite the opposite. It imparts a new and fresh way of operating your projects. This, in turn, helps in saving your costs and time.
2. User-Friendly: The features of LiquidPlanner are quite simple to know and apply. You can rely on its fast interface to do various tasks
3. Good Customer Support: You can expect a swift response from the support staff either through email or social sites.
4. Top Class Scheduling System: The system helps you save considerable time, as it automates the planning and scheduling part of your project. All one needs to do is add new tasks/projects and the tool takes care of it.
5. Better Time Tracking: Whether it’s estimating or scheduling the time, there’s none better to keep better time tracking as you don’t have to include any dependencies to achieve the end result.
6. Avoid Employees from Re-prioritizing the Projects temporarily: LiquidPlanner typically lets you re-prioritize your projects. While some are grateful for it, there arise situations where one needs to keep projects in good control until they get completed. This adds on feature lets you effectively restrict people from re-prioritizing it.
7. Importing from Excel: One of the best features of this software is its capability to import projects from CSV and Excel quite seamlessly.


  •  It cannot personalize the overall look, although it is a unique product in the market.
  •  It cannot let you work on more than one project at a time, typically this makes sense.
  • You can’t precisely estimate the exact day or hour the project needs to be completed. Although it automatically assumes a whole set of possible dates to complete the project.
  •  It opts out financial management features, although this is not that vital, given the fact it’s just a project management tool.

In the end, LiquidPlanner is a powerful project management software with the best time tracking options to estimate the completion time of a task. Along the way, it offers scores of tools for correcting the course with priority based flexibility.