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What is lead quality?

Lead quality is when a person who can potentially become a customer and generate business. Lead quality is the company at the beginning of a campaign so they can view the progress and the percentage of positive and negative leads throughout a marketing campaign.


Leads are a precursor to sales, as most businesses rely on sales, there is a crucial focus on generating quality leads.

Proven Lead Generation methods

E-Mail marketing

Email promotion gives you a direct connection with a potential lead, an email can encompass not only what a product or service offered is about but can also have an optional questionnaire on the customer’s needs which can act as a feedback mechanism.


Ads have always been an effective medium of promotion; the digital platform provides a wider space for leads.

Share option

Lead generation can also be used as a way to promotion through the very leads obtained; embedding sharing options on various social media is a good way to get multiple leads through one.

Engage potential customers through social media

An official social media page has become a necessity these days as it engages potential customers and generates leads. A fun activity or a contest can generate buzz and interest on social media pages.

Offline promotion

Trade expos and business conferences are a great way to generate leads offline and gain a wider perspective on the market. The opportunity to build B2B relationships prove useful.