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The key to having an effective marketing program that not only promotes a product/service but also helps establish a recognizable brand is having an integrated marketing strategy. Every single promotional statement should, in some way, connect to all previously released marketing material and what will be released in the future. Using an integrated marketing strategy that ties all marketing material together not only makes advertisement campaigns easier to plan but also has other benefits, including;

  • Increased revenue;
  • Heightened brand awareness;
  • Ability to connect with a larger portion of the businesses target market;
  • Credibility;
  • Ability to set marketing goals.

Before creating an integrated marketing strategy, business owners need to know exactly what message they want to convey each time they do something to promote their business. The message needs to reach the target market and make them understand how using the business in question is different from the competition. Once a message has been selected, it should be shortened into one or two sentences that can be used as a slogan.

Create an Identity

One of the biggest aspects of integrated marketing strategy is being identifiable. Even before they start talking about their new business and generating word of mouth interest, business owners need to design a logo. The logo should only use a few bold colors, be a relatively simple design, and differ from the logos being used by the businesses competitors. The logo goes on every piece of promotional material the business releases and should be used as identification photo on social media sites.

Start Networking

Connecting with other professionals in the industry and mingling with the members of the target market are a big aspect of integrated marketing strategy. It’s also another thing that can start happening long before the business is ready to make its first sale. Great ways to network while creating an integrated marketing plan include;

  • Blogging;
  • Becoming active on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn;
  • Attending trade shows;
  • Giving lectures at conferences.

Business owners need to know what the sales budget is for the upcoming month, but also have a solid understanding of the yearly budget. This enables them to create a marketing plan that will flow smoothly from one project to another without any stagnant months. Even more importantly, knowing the long-term budget decreases the chances of the company over-promoting themselves during the first few months.

An integrated marketing strategy isn’t difficult to create and business owners will love how it makes it possible for them to maximize the potential of their marketing campaigns.