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I had the opportunity to participate in the 2nd annual #ISW2016, featuring international speakers from the USA and Europe.

The Inside Sales World event was an opportunity to update my knowledge and the professional network in digital selling. A variety of sales topics were approached in presentations and breakout workgroups, as sales gamification, social selling, engaging millennials in sales strategy.

Here are some insights, facts, and figures featured in the conference presentations:

Khuram Hussain Chief Executive Officer, Fileboard

4 Ways to WIN in Account-Based Sales:

  1.  Understand the value of Customer Consensus
  2.  Becoming the Trusted Advisor To Your Lead
  3.  Marketing and Sales finally have a common project
  4.  How Relevant are you to your Prospect?

Ken Krogue Founder President and Chief Evangelist, InsideSales.com

The InsideSales.com System of Sales&Marketing, The CLOSERS Model™:

  • C = Campaign
  • L = List / Leads
  • O = Offers
  • S = Skill
  • E = Effort
  • R = Reporting
  • S = Systems
„Building rapport is associated with an 86% increase in the odds of setting an appointment.” – InsideSaleLabs

Vasile Stoica @vasilestoica

Ken Krogue #ISW2016

Patrick Gunn Vice President EMEA Sales, Qstream

Developing High Summary -Performance Millennial Sales Teams:

  • Establish your talent brand;
  •  Tap into motivators;
  •  Get digital, go mobile;
  •  Offer micro-coaching and feedback opportunities
  •  Foster collaboration;
  • Never stop onboarding!
„Nothing is being handed to you. It’s really up to each person to make things happen. You’ve got to hustle, take risks and hold yourself to the highest standard.” – Page Williams, LinkedIn

Frank Hattann Director of Enterprise Sales, LinkedIn Sales Solutions EMEA

  • 27% of Decision makers have started a new position in the past year;
  • 75% of B2B Buyers use social media to make purchasing decisions;
  • 95% of B2B decision-makers expect new or different insights from sales professionals.
„It takes almost €30,000 and 7 months to recruit and train a new sales rep, the opportunity cost is far too great.” – ABERDEEN RESEARCH

So, what’s next?

The power of how to stay connected to the market in difficult times and use your company resources on the full potential is a sign of wisdom that sometimes can surpass any barriers. For a complete overview of what panelist at the conference presented you can access the slides here: AA-ISP Conference Presentation Slides.  Looking forward to seeing you at the next Inside Sales World!