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Infusionsoft is created to help small businesses with their marketing and sales by fusing everything – e-commerce, CRM, managing and organizing contacts, marketing automation into a single platform. The company’s been around since 2004 with hundreds of employees and thousands of clients already investing and integrating this software to step up to the next level of marketing and sales.

Here are the key features of the Infusionsoft software:

1. E-commerce.
2. CRM.
3. Multimedia Marketing.
4. Social Network Sharing.
5. Payment Processing.
6. Orders and Quotes.
7. Sales Reports.
8. Marketing reports.
9. Web forms.
10. Email Marketing.
11. Managing Referral Program.
12. Quick Publishing.
13. Campaigns Automated.

When you do get visitors to your business website, it is important that a series of events get kicked in to attract them into buying your products and services, it can automate this for you!


1. Better integration of automated marketing, CRM, and others in economical packages for small businesses.
2. Affiliate management system is user-friendly as it lets you decide the commission structure.
3. Homepage widgets help in simple and swift reporting.
4. You can build up to 100 custom fields.
5. It’s easy to track visitor behaviors with the help of tagging system.


1. Campaign builder can at times be baffling.
2. Chrome and Safari browsers are not supported.
3. You must have a PayPal or a custom merchant account.
4. English is the only available language.
5. It takes time to get used to the CRM interface.

In addition, it also offers customized coaching services to assist you in quickly understanding the software and to make sure it’s a small learning curve.

 Platform Functionality

Just as Infusionsoft indicates, it helps in:

1. Drawing visitors to your business site.
2. Helps in transforming casual browsers into prospective buyers.
3. Scrutinizes the whole marketing and sales process to evolve and refine it regularly.
4. In short, it helps to attract, alter, and analyze.

Attract, Alter, Analyze

Infusionsoft helps in drawing visitors from social network sites with effective sharing campaigns. Furthermore, the CTA landing pages and campaigns are designed with modern graphical tools. In addition, the email capabilities are rich on graphics and visually alluring, which is quite an advantage while planning out your marketing campaigns to convert visitors into customers. As with the workflow setup, the software’s lead scores are also highly graphical. For instance, more flames indicate a hotter prospect.

With the aid of CRM system integrated into the software, it makes sales management quite effective and simple.

In the end, it offers incredible capabilities to make your dream start-up a simple process. Whether it is tracking the lead generation or sorting out your schedule, the software is always on its toes to deliver just what you require in the field of marketing and sales. Your business is always open even when you’re asleep with Infusionsoft!