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Almost every business is connected to Internet-based technologies, for electronic communication, marketing their products and services or managing projects across teams. World wide web offers indefinite and increasing possibilities to use web applications for daily business activities. The challenge remains how to engage employees to proactively find and use Internet technologies to support their jobs and even contribute to business development.

Access to appropriate education and training can be a relevant step forward.

How well employees adapt to new technologies, is a competence that can be developed and measured on Grovo. This is an educational web-based platform, offering the latest updates on different internet technologies through video training lessons. Grovo trains the users on the concept of its self and the technology related. For instance, on project management, available lessons are Schedule Your Project or Manage a Project with Basecamp.

Grovo pieces of training cover skills improvement as efficiency, project management, productivity, and related internet applications.

Applications included in video pieces of training cover the online office suite such as:

  • Document creation and editing applications

Word processor (Create Office 365 Documents, Create Word Documents on iPad); Spreadsheet (Create a Google Spreadsheet, Create Excel Spreadsheets on iPad, Create Spreadsheets on Smartsheet, Impress Your Boss With a Stellar Spreadsheet, 10 Smart Google Spreadsheet Tips); Presentation program (Sales Presentations, Make Your Data Presentation a Visual Spectacle, Collaborate on a Prezi Presentation).

  • Publishing applications

Blog (Popular Blogging Platforms, Start Managing Your Company’s Blog, Why Your Next Blog Will Be a Tumblr).

  • Collaborative applications

 Collaborate with Colleagues on HootSuite, Collaborate Using Cards on Trello, Share and Collaborate on Files With Yammer; E-mail (Email Etiquette, Email Efficiency at Work, Schedule Email Delivery with Boomerang, 5 Email Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs); Calendar (Manage Your Basecamp Calendar, Manage Your Calendar on Podio, 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Google Calendar).

  • Management applications

 Project management (Manage Projects on Basecamp iPhone, Project Planning, 5 Asana Tricks to Accelerate a Project); Customer relationship management (Manage Customer Relationships with Zoho CRM, Track Customer Relationships with Nimble, 7 Ways to Stay in Touch With Customers); Accounting (The Beginners Guide to Online Accounting Software).

Lessons are structured in two categories Sites&Apps (examples: about.me, Amazon, DocuSign, and others, currently more than 100 available) and Topics (examples: Remote Work, Online Marketing, Online Security and others, currently more than 10 available). Thus a lot of training options are available, each category displaying the number of lessons available, the number of quizzes attached to the lessons, the length in minutes and the most important the date of the last update of the training.

The web interface is interactive and inspires trust to the users, who can benefit from the latest updates on Internet technologies, sites & apps through comprehensive training, well structured on short videos ( 1 -2 minutes). The employees can find in one place the latest updates on Internet-based applications, they can easily select the application of interest and from that category to choose the component for which they would like to learn what is new and how they can benefit. Thanks to Grovo, no extra time is required for general searches on the internet for the latest updates on different internet-based technologies.

Your employees can focus on the business and when updates on internet technologies are required than is time for group training, at least three options being available:

for employees:

  • to select the theme of interest from Sites&Apps and Topics;
  • to make use of the Learning Tracks facility, added to their learning, to analyze the extra training required.

 for their managers:

  • to create training assignments and to track real-time performance.

For the companies, there is the possibility to customize the training experience with white-label branding. The employees can use all the resources available on Grovo to support the companies through the startup and growth stages. Empowering the employees to use Grovo as an educational resource will positively impact the business through the outcomes of technologies.