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Most people think that it does not matter what the Internet has to say about their brand as it would have no impact on the company’s bottom line. Actually, it is just quite the opposite.

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For a small business, especially, online reputation management may be the key for their brand’s success. Would the small business owners worry about a string of negative reviews about their business that an angry customer posted? Do they worry that prospective employers will see this particular bit of info that they can’t get off the first page of your Google results? As we increasingly live out our lives online – they should! And despite the social media over-sharing fashion, we may have little control over the way we appear online.

This time, let’s focus on Google search as (probably) the first and the most popular place where customers can find information on your business.

Here are some useful tips on how to manage your brand’s reputation in Google:

    1. If negative content is up on a third party site and its claims are false contact the site and ask for it to be removed;
    2. Maximize your social media presence by opening a LinkedIn, YouTube, or any other account you can reasonably maintain to push negative results down;
    3. Publish high-quality content on your site as this is what will allow your site to rank better;
    4. Register with high-quality local business directories like Yelp or Crunchbase;
    5. Get out there and start blogging on your site or as a guest blogger on other sites.

In all that you do, ALWAYS plan your marketing financially and technically before entering.

Overall, proper education along with support will separate you from typical marketers and their typical results.

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