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Monitoring and management under cloud platform are quickly popular these days as users are increasingly mobile. GFI OneGuard is one such monitoring service for both workstations and servers. The software offers a whole range of sophisticated and simple to use SMB applications that consist of IT security, patch management, asset tracking, antivirus, web protection and more.

Here are the Pros:

1. Agents can be installed quickly and automatically.
2. You can easily monitor systems even when they are out of the corporate network.
3. Even the security software management is smartly automated.
4. With the aid of asset tracking, you can look into detailed information on software and hardware.


1. Sometimes it might not be easy to find commands.
2. Scattered Help options.
3. You might experience communication delays.

Overview: This cloud service is meant for SMB’s that have limited time and IT channels. Once installed on every system, they communicate with the available cloud portal to help IT admins get a clear picture of what’s the status of each system at all times. All issues are effectively grouped and flagged, to aid admin in spotting which computers require a swift fix.

Patch Management ensures software is running properly and is secure.

Antivirus protects systems and servers on the go against harmful malware and viruses.

Server and Systems Tracking and Remote Control help you to spot issues so you can fix them quickly before they hinder your everyday operations.

Inventory and Asset Tracking will always keep you informed about what’s on the network.

GFI OneGuard helps you take control of the complete network, with a simple internet access. Moreover, it’s simple to update and add a new range of services without any complex license issues. On the other hand, it doesn’t need you to open any new ports as the installed agent sends the information to the server and not the other way round. You can rely on the agent as the data sent is well analyzed and clearly displayed regarding the health of your system.

Since mobility is on the rise, this cloud-based platform makes it incredibly easy for you to support your mobile staff on the go. This way your staff is always productive no matter where they are. With this service, your systems are under constant scrutiny and care with a swift and secure connection.

In the end, GFI OneGuard provides IT management and SMB admins with software based on the cloud to manage and monitor your IT environment in quick time. With this kind of platform, it gets easier to spot and fix issues early even for remote computers from the cloud console. On the other hand, the antivirus solution is constantly on alert and offers total control of your network security in real time.