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There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are one of the top digital marketing trends in 2019 and it will even top the list by 2020. This is because chatbots technology is moving so quickly, it’s essential for every marketing pro to stay updated.

Critical Chatbots Statistics

Did you know?

  • 48% of consumers prefer a chatbot that solves issues over a chatbot that has personality.
  • 15% of US consumers believe nothing could stop them from using a chatbot.
  • 21% of consumers see chatbots as the easiest way to contact a business.
  • 95% of consumers believe ‘customer service’ is going to be the major beneficiary of chatbots.
  • 48% of consumers would rather connect with a company via live chat than any other mean of contact.
  • 35% of consumers want to see more companies using chatbots.
Currently, Voice Search Is On the Rise

In this digital world, people are switching to a hands-free way of data input while on the move. This is the reason why chatbots have become a new trend. Research says 60% of consumers have used voice search to find business information in the last year and almost half of those use voice search daily to find local businesses. The growth in voice search is partly due to the huge advances that have been made in understanding human speech with machine learning algorithms.

Chatbots Has Become a Standard in 2019 and Shaking Things Up

Chatbots are becoming so sophisticated! Did you know, Facebook was forced to abandon an experimental chatbot project last year after the bots created their own language? This is the reason, why many companies have been developing chatbot technology at the moment. It is expected that because of the increase the potential for more organic visits, by the end of 2019, chatbot will be the standard on every website and app.

Top 10 Benefits of Using a Chatbot for Your Business

1. Automation of repetitive work.

2. Chatbot provides 100% satisfaction to customers.

3. It helps you in saving your hard earned money.

4. Efficiently handle the customers than you do.

5. Professionally helps the customers.

6. Available 24/7.

7. Get valuable analytical insights.

8. Ensure personalized communication and advertisements.

9. Create proactive and intimate interactions.

10. Boost the brand’s creative storytelling.

By using chatbots for your business, it improves your customer satisfaction and helps you rank highly in your sector.

So, How to Build Your Own Chatbot?

If you’ve not started thinking about this yet, now is the time. Don’t fall behind, get chatbot to your website with the help of a digital marketing agency and increase the potential for more organic visits.