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If business owners become confused when they read an article or attend a lecture in which the term gamification in business is used, they shouldn’t feel bad. Many well-educated business people have the exact same reaction.

Over the past year or so, gamification in business is a term that has gotten used quite a bit.

Makes Marketing Fun

Believe it or not, when a marketing expert uses the term gamification in business it means that things are about to get fun. This is accomplished by turning common marketing techniques, most often inbound marketing into something that feels more like a game than something tedious that needs to be dealt with. Not only do business owners and managers enjoy the gamification process, but it’s also well received by customers and frequently leads to an increase in website traffic and revenue.

How it’s Accomplished

Different business has different gamification techniques, but the most successful examples involve a business encouraging fans to do something that increases the company’s visibility, such as posting a Twitter hashtag or encouraging customers to share a specific Facebook post. In return for all this sharing, one or two customers who participated received a prize. The bigger the prize, the higher customer participation tends to be.

Many businesses use this opportunity to encourage customers to sign up for a mailing list.

The Benefits of Gamification in Business

There are many benefits that businesses enjoy when they use gamification in their marketing program. The benefits include;

  • An opportunity to increase the number of subscribers to their online newsletters, Facebook group, and Twitter followers;
  • A surge in inbound links which leads to an improvement in search engine ranking;
  • An opportunity to connect with a high number of members in the businesses target market;
  • Gamification provides an opportunity to gather information about customers, which makes it possible to streamline the marketing program and create more efficient ways to connect with the target market.

How to Benefit from Gamification in Business

Considering how much businesses can benefit from gamification, the temptation to run a game every few days can be strong, however, it’s not advised. To enjoy a maximum amount of success from this particular marketing process, business should only organization a gamification event every two or three months.

Once a date for the event has been set, business owners/managers need to decide how long they’re going to run the event, what the prize will be, and what the rules are. All of this information should be clearly posted where participants can easily see it.