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Anything new introduced in the business market has a purpose it addresses, what is it used for? What is the need for the product? How’s it different from others? A value statement is a clear description of what a product is, and the purpose it’s designed for is given to the customer in a clear and understandable language. An effective value statement is when a customer reads it; he should get a perfect picture of what the particular product can do for him.

Essential qualities of a good value statement:

1. Short and direct

  • The statement is engaging and straight to the point.
  • If the statement is dragging along, there is a strong chance the person reading may lose interest.

2. Avoid highly technical jargon

  • A high density of technical words may cause people to dismiss the value statement.
  • User-friendly language is a top priority, although technical specification can enhance the product, it must never be the core of the statement.

3. How it helps them personally

  • Why do I need it? The direct benefits of the product to the customer are clear
  • Addressing what is the problem area it’s going to solve is of paramount importance.

4. Grab attention

Getting inside the head of the reader and invoking a sense of excitement is the desired result that translates into customer action of buying.