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What is Natural or Organic SEO?2018-12-23T17:36:29+02:00

Organic SEO is a natural way of displaying your website in search engine results. By adopting a natural SEO process, there is no requirement for paid inclusions or PPC advertising or any other black hat/unethical techniques and sneaky tricks to achieve quick results. Moreover, a website that engages organic SEO can be increasingly successful and stable in its position. It is wise to employ the services of a professional SEO company that only applies organic and manual SEO process for healthy results.

Do password protected pages get indexed by the search engines?2018-12-23T17:28:19+02:00

No, the search spider doesn’t read the password protected pages and it is the best way to restrict visitors to pages you do not want them to visit. Conversely, some website put password through sign up process to see the website content. This would affect negatively to website’s ranking as the protected content may be your best content on the site which is made invisible to visitors and search engines. The best way would be to allow visitors to access first few content pages while keeping concluding parts protected by signup password. This would allow a search engine to send more natural traffic to your site through unique website content.

My submitted site is not showing up on the search engine result pages, am I banned?2018-12-23T17:25:31+02:00

No matter how and when you submitted your website, if you didn’t indulge in any unethical or black hat methodology; you are not banned (which is why choosing ethical SEO services is so crucial). However, only submitting the website in different directories may not fetch you the desired traffic and positioning until you have ample links pointing to your site or in other words, your site is not optimized for required keywords.

I have a purely B2B site, do I still need to be listed on Yahoo?2018-12-23T17:23:10+02:00

Yes, it is very much needed. In fact, Google itself recommends businesses to be listed in Yahoo as it imparts another link to your website that is noticeable to spider. Not only Yahoo but AltaVista, Teoma, and AllTheWeb play as an important factor to decide the website’s rank by making your site more popular.

Would place the keyword in URL help in SEO?2018-12-23T17:21:36+02:00

Keyword in URL can help up to some extent, but it does not indicate to stuff the URL with plenty of keywords. Over usage of keywords in URL might appear like spam, restricting users and search engines to drop interest. Instead, we would suggest concentrating on much more important resources like unique content that may compel people to click and link to your site.

There are top ranked websites without any content, why is it important for me?2018-12-23T17:20:20+02:00

I agree that some may not have significant content on their websites, but they are still ranked high, based on the numerous natural links they gain. However, for other sites, content is the key as we can include keywords to make the site searchable whenever a user generates a keyword-based search. If you do not have ready content, we can get it written by our expert team of writers.

Can I optimize my e-commerce site without quality content?2018-12-23T17:17:09+02:00

An e-commerce website is essentially for selling products. As there are plenty of e-commerce sites selling similar products on identical prices; if you would try to look at things from a customer’s viewpoint, while he is searching for a particular product, he gets a list of similar looking sites without any special features to make him stop at one distinguished site. If not content, you must surely have something unique to compel people to use your site, something like positive product reviews or category description to be optimized with proper keywords.

Which is more important to be listed into, search engines or directories?2018-12-23T17:13:12+02:00

Search engines basically are an automated process in which the mechanized robots or spiders keep crawling over websites to list them according to their content and links. Whereas, directories are manually operated and the directory editors would decide which site would appear on what position. Listing in search engines would provide you a global exposure for enhanced sales and profits but if you have a local business, listing your website in the local directories may prove more profitable.

How can I make my website achieve a good rank in search engines?2018-12-23T17:09:06+02:00
  • Good rank for your website is achieved by:
  • Restructuring your site to be search engine friendly;
  • Analyzing and searching keywords and including most appropriate keywords in your content;
  • Developing quality inbound links to help your website gain good visibility;
  • Utilizing only ethical techniques to ensure long-term visibility without any penalty or ban.
Is a Blog Required for SEO Purposes?2018-12-23T17:03:23+02:00

The blog itself has no special superpowers to achieve high rankings. Although what they do possess (i.e. If done rightly) is unique, fresh, and useful content. And not to mention, search engines do favor this quality, irrespective of its respective format. If they do discover that a given blog site is adding fresh articles on a regular basis, they frequently index them. So blogs are essentially a means to easily add unique information frequently and catch the eye of search engines. Press releases and newsletters also can have a similar effect. In addition, your blog posts will also be displayed in blog search results like Technorati and Google’s blog results.

Why is Schema essential for my website?2018-12-23T17:02:02+02:00

The schema is quintessential is you need to display your business services in top search engine results. Schema.org is a combined effort by Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo and it is presently the most favored way to explain elements online. For instance, if your website is all about selling spare parts, when you apply schema, search engines like Google will show your results in attractive snippet format, this eventually leads to more visitors and eventual conversions. On the contrary, when you do not take advantage of Schema, your website will be shown among other results and eventually fails to catch the attention of potential searchers.

Is it possible to include online businesses in local lists?2018-12-23T16:52:15+02:00

Local business lists are generally meant for businesses and trades that have an actual physical office. Unfortunately, online businesses cannot be included in local lists, although, if there is a specific local address that can be reached with regards to the online business, then it can be successfully listed.

What is “Link Popularity” and how does it help in SEO?2018-12-23T16:43:24+02:00

Link popularity is referred to the quality and number of websites linked to your website that are also known as backlinks. Backlinks are crucial as:

a.) Users can easily find your website through other sites;

b.) Spider gets a trace to find and index your site;

c.) Backlinks are counted as votes to calculate your rank;

However, every vote is not equally counted. If two sites are well-optimized for a given keyword, the search engine would rank the site with more links on a higher position than the other.