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A key point to improve the efficiency of any business is managing accounts. Streamlining the accounts process is a must and investing loads of time on this will eventually keep any business away from resolving other issues. A simple and easy option to resolve this problem is by embracing new technology and tools. Discover the right tool to resolve the online account management predicaments to supercharge the business prospects elegantly.

Now, e-conomic offers smart online accounting software to manage the complete accounts related issues effortlessly and efficiently. Intelligent and effective software will suit the requirements of medium-sized businesses. With this tool, it is simple and effective to integrate the bookkeeping process for better enhancement and efficiency.

The diligent software packed with some powerful features will push any business to new heights. It’s easy to use and exclusively designed for companies to cut down on the time and save money as bookkeeping is difficult and hard to manage without a proper system in place. Summing up, e-conomic is a complete and one-stop solution to organize the accounts prospects of different companies.

Functionality overview:

It is easy-to-use online software that helps track and view the complete accounts-based issues and streamline them. A few top features of this software are;

  • Provides accountants free and easy access to accounts;
  • Easy-to-set-up and export data;
  • Online invoicing to save time and costs;
  • Multiple add-on modules;
  • Automatic reconciliation of bank and other accounts;
  • Multilingual, etc.

Invoicing with this software:

It just takes a few steps to complete the invoicing and accounting process. In a few minutes, accountants can design and create invoices for customers. Features include;

  • Pre-designed and ready to use templates;
  • Mobile app for the invoicing system;
  • Free support;
  • Money-back guarantee.

Safety and security:

Advanced security measures to study the issues 24/7 to quickly act upon any recurring problems. The software is SSL encryption technology powered to protect all information in the servers. Other features are;

  • Every 15 minutes of data backup;
  • Stringent protocols to improve privacy;
  • 99.9% system availability based on the needs;
  • Documented security.

e-conomic support:

The firm provides users with some solid support and services to help businesses overcome bookkeeping troubles and issues. It not only provides a solution to accounts problem but also helps enhance the performance remarkably. Different types of support offered are;

  • A detailed explanation of software and implementation;
  • 24/7 online support for technical problems;
  • Mail support and online presentations to customers;
  • Offline support with phones and help videos.

This software is a wonderful addition to any business as it can completely transform the accounts process to an intelligent and intuitive system. Above all, it saves precious time and costs of any business to improve sales.