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The 3rd annual Digital Sales World event was an opportunity to network with Digital Sales professionals and to stay in touch with latest technologies applied in digital sales, as A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), to P.I. (Personalized Intelligence).

This is the second time when I participate at one of the most recognized events in Europe and worldwide of AA-ISP, #DSW2017,  as AA-ISP Romania Chapter President.

Here are some insights, facts, and figures featured in the conference presentations:

Martin Moran Managing Director International, InsideSales.com

The State of Artificial Intelligence in the UK, 2017, Insidesales.com:

A.I. and the Workplace

  • 70% Believe AI will streamline workplace operations;
  • 64% have never used AI at work;
  • 55% use AI outside the office;
  • 3% expect to have a „robot boss”.

Liam Halpin Head of LinkedIn Sales Solutions, EMEA

Sales need to continue to evolve.

Three keys to success:

  • Converging sales and marketing;
  • Using sales automation to help B2B sales;
  • Personalization at scale.
 „Salespeople need to be more like marketer in this new digital world, and marketers need to be more like salespeople.” – DANIELL USKOVIC

Rebecca Radloff Head of Legal and Policy, Microsoft Ireland

Rebeca presented useful #GDPR insights and resources from Microsoft.com/GDPR, including a GDPR Assessment Tools and GDPR F.A.Q.

 „ Make no mistake, the GDPR sets a new and higher bar for privacy rights, for security, and for compliance. And while your journey to GDPR may seem challenging, Microsoft is here to help all of our customers around the world.” Brad Smith President & Chief Legal Officer Microsoft Corporation.

Debbie Dunnam CVP Inside Sales, Microsoft

The Digital Transformation of Sales:

Paradox one: Transform Digital Selling to meet customer expectations at scale – but make it more personal.

Paradox two: Transform platforms to reach customers where they are and engage them contextually – at scale and with consistency.

Paradox three: Create a culture of personal leadership – while harnessing the power of the network to embrace agility.

 „Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” – Author unknown

Steve Richard CRO, ExecVision

Steve loves seeing sales teams get better and presented their framework to build and optimize sales team, named (DEPT)T, with interesting examples and metrics used in his company.


Only 4.4% of dials result in an unexpected connect.
(ExecVision Customer Anonymized Data)

Only 11.8% of conversations convert to hold meetings.
(ExecVision Customer Anonymized Data)

Bob Perkins Chairman & Founder, AA-ISP

Bob’s presentation “Putting the Personal Back into Digital” included useful insights on digital sales movement and examples of why personalization matters. A “Digital Top 7” Checklist was provided, for leaders to check if they are “Digital Ready”.

  1. Are you a “people first” leader?
  2. Do you seek to understand before trying to be understood?
  3. Do you make deposits before asking for a withdrawal?
  4. Have you trained your team on 3×3 research?
  5. Are you reviewing rep e-mails & listening to rep calls and for personalization?
  6. Does your tech-stack support or inhibit personalization?
  7. Have you fully embraced the use of video?
 „In 2018, B2B companies who personalize their sites will be doing 30% better than those without personalization.” – Gartner

So, what’s next?

This year the accent was put on personalization & humanizing sales interaction as a key factor, returning to the basics integrity, communication, trust are important aspects to take in consideration. For a complete overview of what panelist at the conference presented you can access the slides here: AA-ISP Conference Presentation Slides.  Looking forward to seeing you at the next Digital Sales World!