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Businesses that have not yet developed a mobile website are at a serious disadvantage. A large portion o the population, approximately 45%, no longer use computers, preferring to use tablets and smartphones instead.

Is a Mobile Website Necessary

Business owners already have a lot on their plates, so it’s natural for them to wonder whether or not they should take the time to create a mobile app. The answer is yes. There are several reasons why businesses need to create a mobile website, including;

  • Improved engagement with clients.
  • The ability to be accessed from any place at any time, which is important since so many people now handle personal things at odd times of the day and night.
  • It’s an additional opportunity to use things like coupons and discount codes to entice clients to make a purchase.
  • Increased brand loyalty.

Making Mobile Websites Google Friendly

Search engine giant, Google, has recognized that the increased demand for mobile websites means that both businesses and consumers need to have a way to identify the relevance of the different websites. Google recently announced that they’ve created an algorithm that allows them to do just that!

Business owners should be aware that if their currently using a website that isn’t compatible with mobile devices. In 2013, Google started by penalizing sites that failed to display properly on Android and iOS devices, and that’s just the beginning. Last autumn, the search engine added a note to websites that popped up in users search engine results, making it easier for people surfing the internet to determine which sites would easily display on their handheld devices. These tablet and smartphone-friendly sites experience an instant surge in traffic and a nice boost in their search engine ranking.

And changes continue to roll in. April 21st will be the day when mobile websites change. That’s the date Google has set to start ranking the mobile sites in a manner that’s very similar to how standard websites are ranked. After April 21st, Google will be looking at deep links and app indexing to help determine the relevance of a mobile website.

Do Your Mobile Website Meet Google Standards

Business owners will be relieved to know that Google wants to help them prepare their mobile sites for the upcoming ranking system. The Google Developers have created a great getting started guide everyone should consult. Before developers announce that they’ve created a mobile website, they need to make sure it works. This can be done by taking advantage of the mobile-friendly test that Google Developers created.