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A Well Established Buyer Persona Minimizes Advertising While Increasing Revenue

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Businesses that have developed a buyer persona have created a fictitious version of what they consider the perfect customer. They use this character to help understand the main traits members of the business's target market share and how to attract their attention and encourage them to go on a buying spree when they find the business's [...]

Web Analytics – From Browsers to Buyers

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When was the last time you checked the web traffic status? If your reply is never then it is time you started analyzing your website to understand about visitor activity and behavior. Web analytics is a way of accumulating and measuring your site to optimize the marketing process and boost ROI. It is the study of [...]

How to Build Your Social Media Presence

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It is no secret that the majority of online users check social media websites every day. Social media has become the easiest way to connect with friends and family. Forward-thinking businesses know that these websites provide an interactive way to engage with current customers and attract new ones if they can only make themselves stand out [...]

Customizing Your SEO Marketing Strategy

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One of the keys to success in any business is planning. All of the SEO knowledge in the world will not benefit your business unless you use it to develop a customized SEO marketing strategy for your company. There are many elements of SEO, but by breaking them down into categories, you can begin to set [...]

Making The Most of Off Page SEO

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One of the ways that search engines determine the validity of a website is by tracking which sites link to it. The higher the relevancy and clout of the sites that drive traffic to your website, the more they raise your search engine ranking. No matter how streamlined, keyword-rich and user-friendly your website is, if people [...]

Tips for Building Your Local Search Results

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It is becoming increasingly popular to support local businesses rather than large corporations, especially with people who crave the intimacy and customer support that small businesses provide. Most small businesses, even ones meant to be multi-regional or national, will find that a significant portion of their customers comes from their own front yard. Here are some [...]

What I Wish Everyone Knew About RevResponse Affiliate Program

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One of the common issues professional publishers and bloggers have to deal with is the dilemma on how to successfully monetize their websites and blogs. Right now, there are scores of ad networks available that offer the golden box at the rainbow's end. RevResponse is one such affiliate network. Well, what is RevResponse in the first [...]

Why is Content Marketing the Future of Effective Marketing?

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The exorbitant amount of content introduced over the internet every minute. With such huge content, it is easy to say that “Every person over the internet is a content marketer and every single organization is now a publisher”; though it sounds right it is absolutely wrong! The internet is awash with both types of contents – [...]