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Cyber Security Experts Warn Business to Avoid Relying Exclusively on CAPTCHAs

By |2019-02-17T02:43:45+02:00May 10th, 2015|Categories: IT Security|Tags: , , |

In an attempt to protect accounts and blogs from spammers, many businesses have elected to use CAPTCHAs rather than passwords. Now, some experts in the cyber security news industry question the effectiveness of CAPTCHAs. What CAPTCHAs Are Supposed to Accomplish While blogs and forums have proved to be an excellent way for businesses to create [...]

Email Security Tips that Will Keep Business, and Their Contacts, Safe

By |2019-02-17T02:43:13+02:00April 9th, 2015|Categories: IT Security|Tags: , , |

Few people think about whether or not their email is secure. They simply send one email after another, sometimes filled with personal information and never dream the information could be hacked by someone with dishonorable intentions. Business owners often do the exact same thing. The amount of information business owners can get from a single unsecured [...]

3 Great Sources for Help with 2 Factor Authentication

By |2019-02-17T02:41:15+02:00February 16th, 2015|Categories: IT Security|Tags: , , |

The term 2-factor authentication refers to a type of security where users must provide two separate means of confirming their identity. Traditionally the two forms include a physical identification card as well as a memorized security code. It's a form of security that's becoming increasingly common in daily life. It's also a very important factor [...]