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Benefiting from Employee Advocacy

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Business owners can't afford to ignore any avenue of marketing if they want to stay ahead of the competition. Taking advantage of employee advocacy is one method to maximize the businesses reach without putting a stain on the marketing budget. What is Employee Advocacy Business has found that in this new world of [...]

Understanding the Benefits of Gamification in Business

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If business owners become confused when they read an article or attend a lecture in which the term gamification in business is used, they shouldn't feel bad. Many well-educated business people have the exact same reaction. Over the past year or so, gamification in business is a term that has gotten used quite a bit. [...]

Think Carefully Before Engaging in Advocacy Marketing

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Advocacy marketing is a very direct and pointed form of marketing that businesses use to help promote their feelings on a particular matter. More often than not, this form of marketing involves a political issue that has a direct impact on the business. It's normal for this type of marketing to be funded by a [...]

How to Create a Personal Brand that Gets You Hired

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Individuals who have taken the time to create a personal brand are the ones who generally have no difficulty connecting with future employers or clients. They're the individuals who never seem to worry about whether or not they'll have a job in six months or a year. Their skills are always in demand. Since they [...]

Reap the Benefits of a Well Thought Out Integrated Marketing Strategy

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The key to having an effective marketing program that not only promotes a product/service but also helps establish a recognizable brand is having an integrated marketing strategy. Every single promotional statement should, in some way, connect to all previously released marketing material and what will be released in the future. Using an integrated marketing strategy [...]

The Steps Needed to Get Word of Mouth Marketing Rolling

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Reaching a point where business is generating word of mouth marketing is the brass ring all businesses strive for. Not only is the word of mouth marketing the most affordable type of marketing, but it's also what the average consumer trusts the most. Generating this form of marketing takes time, patience, and a solid plan. [...]

Lead Tracking – Blowing a Bubble of Success in your Sales Funnel

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Lead Tracking is a process for sustaining and sharing vital information about possible sales prospects. At some point in most company’s sales cycle, they completely lose track of over 40% leads, which is unfortunate. This clearly shows that most businesses face hurdles in tracking their leads successfully. Although spotting a lead is difficult, but in [...]

3 Uncomplicated Marketing Tips to Improve Business with LinkedIn

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Experts recommend exploring social media sites is an effective way to improve rankings on search engines. 90% of people use entire features of other social media sites but fail to capitalize on LinkedIn. But, this is an exceptional platform and exploring its full features will enhance business efficiency. Marketing a product or service is [...]