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It is no secret that the majority of online users check social media websites every day. Social media has become the easiest way to connect with friends and family. Forward-thinking businesses know that these websites provide an interactive way to engage with current customers and attract new ones if they can only make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Social media branding is an efficient way to develop your overall SEO. Here are some of the key starting points.

Building Profile Pages

  • Don’t limit yourself: One of the benefits of the internet is that an incredible amount of platforms exist concurrently and most people regularly visit multiple sites. Put your business out there on as many social media sites as you can. Increasing your visibility can only help you.
  • Include links back to your website: This will help build your off page SEO by providing an array of sites that have links to your main page. It also gives new customers an easy way to learn more about your business.

Getting Your Tone

It is not enough to simply create a profile page and then let it gather dust. We call it social media for a reason — it is meant to be interactive and people are not going to find your business unless you are providing regular updates and ways for them to interact.

  • Diversify your posts: People visit different social media sites for different reasons. Post articles, videos, new product releases, photos, reviews, and anything else you can devise. Not everything will appeal to everyone, but all you need is for one thing to attract someone to your website for them to become a potential customer.
  • Know your goals: Though the previous point still holds, be sure to know which types of posts bring your brand the most visibility. If you develop innovative computer software, most customers will likely look for product reviews and demonstrations. If you provide more personal, customer-interactive services, make sure that the tone of your updates appeals to your ideal customer. Cast a wide net, but make it easy for your typical audience to find what they expect from you.

Essential Tools

There are multiple tools and services available online that will help you manage all of your profile pages.

  • Post once, everywhere: There are dozens of services that will allow you to post updates or new content once and have it automatically sent to the rest of your profiles. Some of the bigger websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, already have this function built in.
  • Tracking your stats: Tools like HootSuite and Mention will track who visits your profile pages, how often they visit, and what they do once they are there. Knowing the details of your visitors’ behavior is vital to turning those visitors into customers and to evaluate the effectiveness of your page. If people are not following the link to your website, maybe it needs to be more visible. If the number of visitors on your Twitter page is low, you might need a more visually-appealing background. You want to give people an opportunity to see how exciting and useful your business is. Make sure that your profile pages accomplish that goal.

The internet is constantly updating and reinventing itself. Don’t be afraid to try new things to reach your customers. Please share below about your most successful experiences with social media marketing!