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One of the strengths of small businesses is their ability to personally connect with customers and provide them with quality service that they do not receive from larger businesses. However, as your business grows and the number of your customer relationships increases, it can become difficult to maintain the necessary level of customer relationship management with the same care and efficiency.

Apptivo has developed a series of integrated business applications that are designed to help small businesses manage their information more efficiently. Their Customer Relationship Management application, or CRM, allows businesses to add and nurture customer relationships so that you can continue to provide the excellent service necessary for jumpstarting your business.

Their bundled application packages allow you to take the services that you need and leave the rest for another time, guaranteeing that you will not waste valuable resources. Overall, Apptivo streamlines business management so that your time can go towards growing your business, not trying to navigate obscure programs.

360-degree View

Under the 360-degree Customer View application, you can view every detail regarding your customers, including any projects to which they might be currently linked. The main features are as follows:

  • Assign an account manager: Customers connect better with your business when they are consistently talking to one or two key liaisons. By assigning an account manager to each customer, you ensure that the customer develops a relationship with the same person.
  • Details: Store notes, documents, projects and sales opportunities associated with each customer in the same place as the rest of their contact information. Do not risk missing out on a follow-up or forgetting a detail when you can have it all organized in one navigable place.


The Cases application specializes in solving customers’ problems for the best customer satisfaction. Use this application to:

  • Record issues: Customers want to know they are being listened to and that their issues are being taken seriously. The Cases application helps you keep detailed records of any issues that customers might report to you, including technical issues regarding your website.
  • Communicate progress: After assigning an employee to handle the issues, the Cases application allows you to report that progress to customers so that they know that their problem is being dealt with swiftly. Communication is always an integral part of effective customer relationship management.


Apptivo’s CRM is not just about managing existing customer relationships. The Leads application also provides a way to pursue new customers by assigning priority levels and concrete steps for turning those leads into sales opportunities. Its integration with the Opportunity application allows you to instantly convert a customer under the Leads category to the Opportunity category, giving you a more specific set of tools to manage this shift in the relationship.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how Apptivo can help your business better manage its customer data. Please share your thoughts or questions about this wonderful tool below!