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For most industries, technological progress mainly affected the physical component of what businesses do. During the industrial revolution, the companies achieve competitive advantage by substituting various new methodologies to withstand them. Information processing at that time was mostly the result of human effort.

Gone are the days when you could expect your business to operate in exactly the same way for decades and continue to profit and grow. Disruption from shifting consumer habits to ever-changing technology forces us to constantly develop solutions to propel ourselves ahead of the competition.

Here comes The Anticipatory Organization Learning System, a training process for executives and their teams to develop the skills to accurately foresee and take critical actions before disruption strikes.


As a business consultant, Daniel Burrus helped countless emerging leaders take their organizations to new heights by teaching them how to correctly predict disruption. The Anticipatory Organization Model of Daniel Burrus is a powerful tool for leaders, managers, planners, executives and sales teams.

You can use this model to

  • Know What’s Next – Transform Planning
  • Develop Opportunities – Transform Innovation
  • Shape the Future – Transform Culture
  • Accelerate Success – Transform Results

(AO) The Anticipatory Organization offers a comprehensive way to identify game-changing opportunities. Using the principles of this proven model, you will learn how to elevate planning, accelerate innovation, and transform results by pinpointing and acting upon enormous opportunities waiting to be discovered.

 The Anticipatory Organization Learning System

(AO) The Anticipatory Organization Learning System is a training process for executives and their teams to develop the skills to accurately foresee and take critical actions before disruption strikes. The program focuses on four key areas of development:

  • Trend Analysis
  • Customer Needs
  • Sales Obstacles
  • New Opportunities

Why have an Anticipatory Organization?

(AO) The Anticipatory Organization applies the methodology of separating Hard Trends that will happen from Soft Trends that might happen to their innovation and decision-making processes. Employees of an Anticipatory Organization understand that those who can see the future most accurately have the biggest advantage. They actively embrace the fact that many future disruptions, problems, and game-changing opportunities are predictable and represent unprecedented ways to gain the advantage.

Employees know that it’s better to solve predictable problems before they happen, and that predict future problems often represent the biggest opportunities. They know that being anticipatory means modifying plans to keep them relevant and from becoming obsolete before they are implemented, based on the Hard Trends that are shaping the future.

Ultimate Guide That Illustrates the Importance of Anticipatory Mindset

Source: The AO Book