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Every single industry experiences a great deal of competition. There are 5 tools that every business owner can use to help give their sales a boost and help the business rise to the top of their respective industry.

Velocify Pulse

Velocify Pulse is a tool business owners can use to help increase lead generation and improve communication with the target market. The sales force sales solution tool helps businesses:

  • Improve their automated call communications and pitches;
  • Better optimize their short and long term sale strategy for generating inside sales;
  • Generate analyses that can be used to gauge the results of specific sales strategy and tweak their current system for better results.

Businesses who have incorporated Velocify Pulse in their inside sales strategy have experienced up to 138% more leads generated and revenues that have doubled in size.
Inside Sales Lead Tracking and Sales Team Management Software | Velocify

Inside View

The makers of Inside View have created a market intelligence tool that allows business owners and managers to gather detailed information about the members of their target market. Once this information has been collected the inside sales tool helps business use the data to increase sales. The wonderful thing about Inside View is that it works seamlessly with existing sales platforms. Inside View helps business owners generate inside sales by collecting detailed information about the businesses target market from sources that includes:

  • Social media networks;
  • Various industry contacts;
  • News sources;
  • Financial sources.

Market Intelligence for Sales and Marketing – InsideView

Tout Tracking App

The Tout Tracking App improves inside sales by improving the quality of sales emails business send to customers. With the help of the Tout Tracking App, it becomes possible for business owners to know exactly when their sales emails are being opened and read, which in turn makes it possible to accurately judge the effectiveness of a specific marketing scheme.
ToutApp – Sales Email Tracking, Templates and Analytics

Insight Squared

Insight Squared is a business tool that has helped many businesses, approximately 20,000, boost their inside sales. The business tool:

  • Predicts sales forecasts based on historic information;
  • Helps business owners recognize potential sales opportunities while there’s time to create a viable sales strategy;
  • Sales retrospectives;
  • Improved customer knowledge;
  • The promotion of positive sales competition;
  • The development of lead sources;
  • Marketing alignment.

Salesforce Analytics for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses


InsideSales.com has created a program that allows businesses to experience accelerated growth by a rapid increase in sale figures. What makes InsideSales different from similar programs is that in addition to creating a surge in sales, the program they’ve devised also cultivates a long term relationship between the business owner and their customers.
Sales Acceleration Platform | Predictive Analytics | InsideSales.com

Businesses will benefit from using just one or all five of these marketing tools.