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Some of you must have the dream that one day will take out of a powerful online presence of your business and lay out the means to establish a successful online business.

You put in a lot of money and efforts to build your website and to get the business ready. But after establishing your online business, definitely the next question would be how to attract more customers to your site.

Given the fact that over 80% of traffic comes through local searches, it becomes very critical to catching this local goldmine for maximum clinch business.

If you didn’t yet explore the power of local online promotion for your business that serves to customers within a specific geological area, you are missing a great advantage. There are many means to get to these customers, but the question would be how to get your business flash on the local customer’s online radar? The best way to reach potential customers is to know where they are and focus your effort in the right direction.

Here are some tips that would come in handy to you:

  • 1. Let your business be localized. Get it checkered with ample local keywords including your business and name of the city or province, for instance: Cake Shop Kentucky;
  • 2. Make sure your business has a consistent and identifiable name, contact number, and address;
  • 3. Dominate the listings in the local search engines such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing etc to establish your niche strongly;
  • 4. Make sure to fill your business profiles on genuine directories that are trusted and only include quality websites;
  • 5. Exchanging your links with other related business partners is a good idea to get a rumbling start;
  • 6. Let there be space for reviews and ratings of your business as it enhances your business authenticity and reliability;
  • 7. Offering freebies and coupons is again a good idea, but be careful to manage it in an orderly fashion to avoid chaos and customer’s annoyance;
  • 8. Creating content on social blogs that refers to regional searches is another great way to get noticed and attract customers to your site;
  • 9. Use all the popular but trusted social media support available to promote your business, use the right names for your videos online, use well-searched terms to tag it and give reliable description to get customers dashing into your business;
  • 10. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ can effectively be used to look out for people’s opinion on your business and to bring up valuable appealing solutions that match up with consumer’s demand;
  • 11. Post useful and interesting content that fulfills local interest;
  • 12. Make use of specials, check-in, and regular deal ideas;
  • 13. Create special “about us” profiles on websites that promote brief business description along with your name and contact information;
  • 14. Promote your website in DMOZ listings.

By and large apply of these ideas can get ahead with success to attract more traffic & customers, the bloodline of your online business!